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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sowing the Seeds of Love

What's not to love about sunny sunny Tuesday morning! As the dew evaporated off the blades of grass surrounding the garden we set to work at a vigorous pace. We saturated the beds with dormant seeds and the transplants, which are just getting their first set of real leaves. The garden is starting to come to life and soon we’ll start to see tiny flecks of green fighting through the soil for their first taste of sunlight.

Next we planted Rosemary, Endive, Okra, Bush beans, Hot peppers, and Swiss chard, sending them positive energy and love throughout the entire process. Unfortunately, some of our beds have been invaded by Red imported fire ants which seems like something out of a nightmare. In Florida any piece of disturbed soil is automatically tempting to ants. We aren’t exactly sure how to target this new problem yet and suggestions are welcome! Hopefully they won’t attack our seeds or jeopardize their early growth stages.
Lastly, we started to dig our flower trench and once it borders the garden we will create an impenetrable marigold and sunflower fence. The best part is watching the sunflowers grow progressively throughout the season and eventually towering over the heads of everyone!

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