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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday, September 12

Greetings Garden People,
Today was my first time to the edible schoolyard,
but it's evident already that we're all working hard.
The few renegade plants growing in the beds,
are, compared to their peers, a step ahead.
The grass was fought back, and cardboard applied
With mulch on top of that, the grass was stupefied.
We watered and watered 'til the ground was inundated.
Then we watered once more, 'til the plants were satiated.
In the final shift, Three Sisters was cleared,
The amount of weeds was clearly feared.
But we used some new-fangled shovel tricks,
And the plot is almost ready, span and spic.
The weekend rain should help things along,
And we'll be back Monday, so keep checking in-
and you'll never go wrong.

1 comment:

  1. Hey everyone, its so great to see things are being planted. Im up in vermont and we are just about done for the season. Potatoes are coming up tomorrow and more cabbage. We are getting a larger greenhouse and with that fresh lettuce all winter! Everything looks good, glad that shed has finally arrived haha. Hope everything is well!