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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Different Perspective...

It's pretty lonely in the Peace Patch without the children, I must admit. The school seemed so abandoned with no children walking the halls, playing on the playground, or watching us during their gym class. Today I didn't get to hear someone call my name and say hello; I didn't receive any hugs. Days like this just make it seem like a plain and simple garden, not a tool to teach children about healthy eating and sustainability. However, at the same time it was a fairly productive day. We watered everything in the morning, but given the chance of thunderstorms we decided not to in the afternoon. They're calling for thunderstorms for the rest of the week and I must say that I'm scared it will cause more damage like last weekend. We also harvested the first batch of radishes and thinned the newly planted ones, of which there are at least twice the amount then the space can hold. We transplanted the other half of them to the squares next to them that were supposed to hold Kale, which didn't end up making it. The first shift also made a list of what vegetables will need harvesting soon.

Although its only a few days in between when I go out into the garden, every time I go out something drastic has changed. I swear that things are multiplying in size by 3x the size I last saw them at! Our watermelon are now long enough where they're growing over the edge of the bed and onto the ground! The first five minutes of every shift I have I have to take a look around and marvel at all the new growth, and each time it reaffirms how important the garden is. That said, I can't wait for Lakewood Spring Break to be over so we can show them all thats changed!

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