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Monday, April 20, 2009

Harvest Monday

We returned to the garden after the beautiful weekend and found a bountiful harvest: turnips, zucchini, and squash. We have broccoli, tiny okra and tomatoes as well! One sunflower is taller than me, an excess of 65 inches! The morning shift watered with and after Mrs. Davis' class and staked the remaining three sister. The plants are getting thirstier and the sun hotter so the task of watering thoroughly is more important than ever.
Later in the afternoon with the help of zip ties, we hung the Edible Peace Patch sign on the fence and weeded the rectangle beds. Kaylie is constructing letters out of the broken trellis pieces to spell "peace" in the herb garden. Only the letter "C" still needs to be made. By noon the wind had picked up and the sky became gray and clouded. Mrs. Hartman's class did not come out. By 1:30 rain began to fall, lightly at first then suddenly torrential. Unfortunately, Mrs. Dorsey's class could not come out either. Even though we missed the kids out there, the rain will keep our plants strong during this prolific time. From the looks of it, we can expect a variety of vegetables for our upcoming Harvest Fest!

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