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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

After a day off in the Peace Patch full of tornado warnings and thunderstorms, things were back to normal today with a pleasant surprise - WE HAVE WATERMELONS! This is the one crop that everyone has been looking forward to having ( especially the kids) and we were afraid nothing was going to come out of them, but thanks to much needed rain, we might have some small ones ready to eat by the end of the year. We spent the morning doing some light watering with Ms. Ash's class and helping Ms. Knight's class start their science fair project which involves planting and growing beans under different conditions. They got to mix their own soil from our compost, leftover soil, and manure. We also spent some time fixing some wind damage from the day before, which included putting the greenhouse back up and re-anchoring our trellises. The afternoon shifts did a lesson on the edible parts of a plant with Ms. Hartman's second grade class ( which included sampling some nasturtiums, spinach, and a pepper!) and checking out the new growth in the garden. It was a really exciting day because it seems like everything is starting really take off and come together in time for the Harvest Festival next week!

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