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Monday, April 6, 2009

Blowin' in the wind

It was another windy day at the edible peace patch. We fixed the hose leaks, but the leak where it hooks up to the closet faucet still sprays a little. We watered with some of Ms. Davis's class and tried some nasturtiums. The kids loved them.
We found a bunch of ladybugs on the turnips and broccoli! Unfortunately there were a lot of other insects as well, such as ants. Perhaps they are eating some of the leaves? We went through the second lesson (since the class was not around for the last one) with the 3rd grade class. They seemed to be amused by the ladybugs and compost pile, which was filled with fresh rotten peelings and other smelly stuff. Some trellises were also placed around the cucumbers.
The squash and zucchini are definitely producing with some visible baby bumps on some of the flowers. The watermelon beds and gourds are also finally producing flowers. Hopefully they’ll all be ready in a couple of weeks! It looks like another juicy tomato will be ready to munch on in a few days but the snap peas aren’t looking to hot anymore. The sunflowers are holding strong with stems just as thick as the trees and the beans are definitely climbing the sticks placed there earlier.

The flags worked well to make sure the kids knew the vines were still there, even though the trellises aren’t. Though it might have been gloomy, the garden was full of life.

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