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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cold Spell

Today was a very chilly day compared to the beautiful weather we have been experiencing. Unfortunately, it was also very windy again so we haven't been able to fix the trellises that were damaged in the last windy spell we had. We decided that it might just be easier to tie the tops with some strong twine Tipi style for the time being so the plants have something to climb on. Our peas aren't looking very good however but everything else in that bed is thriving. Today we thinned the radishes which are growing like weeds. We also pulled some beets and spinach for Mr. Johnson's class to try. They absolutely loved it and couldn't believe they had grown something so tasty. Some of them hadn't tried spinach or beets before and really enjoyed it. One more healthy vegetable to add to their diet! We also turned the compost which was added to yesterday. We also continued the never ending task of weeding the grass coming up through the mulch. We planted some sweet potatoes, watered the sweet potatoes and green peppers and put them in greenhouse b/c it was really windy. We also collected compost, picked dead heads off of marigolds, identified some bugs, lady bug larva, and two others. There was also a class(Mrs.Jordan) who came out. It was their first time so we did introductions and gave a tour of the garden.

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