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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things are starting to ripen up

It is almost time for the harvest festival.  I can tell everyone at the garden is excited and anticipating the harvest, which will take place tomorrow morning.  We are beginning to take note of what grew well in the garden and what was not successful.  This should aid us in deciding which plants we will choose to plant next year.  There were several plants that we chose to plant that did not do so well.  We think that some of these plants may just need a cooler climate than Florida.  Also some of the plants, especially the watermelons, are just not quite ready.  They just need a little longer to grow.  It is going to be interesting seeing how much we can harvest tomorrow.  I wonder what the root vegetables will look like when we pull them uo tomorrow.  Who knows how big the carrots, sweet potatoes, and potatoes have grown to be.  Today we found one of the coolest things we have found in the garden all year long.  This sun flower pictured below appears to be two flowers that have grown together, forming some sort of siamese sunflower.

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