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Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Monday!

The final days of the Edible Schoolyard Project are upon us. The sun is getting hotter and the days longer. This means our plants are going into their final stages, and we are happy to report there are zucchini, tomatoes, squash, and now tiny broccolis in the garden, along with the usual greens and nasturtium flowers! There are sunflowers at least 5 feet tall with thick healthy stalks and leaves bigger than our hands. Everything is looking wonderful.
During the morning shift, Mrs. Davis' class did not come out because they had a substitute but Mrs. Deming's class came out and helped water and weed the never-ending grass. They also enjoyed some spinach and peppery nasturtiums. A couple of tomatoes were ready to be eaten, and they were delicious. During the middle shift, we made stakes out of the broken pieces of trellises to anchor down the intact ones. Mrs. Wester's class did not come out either because of further FCAT testing. Finally, in the afternoon shift, Ms. Davis' class made a surprise visit to help us water some more and munch on some our greens. We fixed the Edible Peace Patch Sign with some gorilla glue and tidied up the garden a little bit. The days until the Harvest Fest are fewer and fewer, and the anticipation is growing!

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