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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday March 11, 2009.....A Hot One!!

Today at the garden it was a hot one, but as I walked out and saw the garden I was again suprised to see how much everything had grown. Our little spuds are getting sooo big, they look amazing and the sweets are starting to peek through. We went around all the beds and checked the soil to make sure it was damp, and it was so we didnt water. Everything is looking pretty good, after we put the soil from the worm bin on the cukes they really started to perk up. So, today we took some of the soil out of the compost, and boy was it hot! we siffed through it, checked for worms and took out the larger pieces from the compost. Then we mixed this with the soil from the worm bin and spread it across some of the beds. One thing that we noticed was that there seems to be some larvae on the plant leaves. One of the groups today brought a sample of it back, we need to find out what it is. We showed peggy and she thought maybe catepillars? moths?
Mrs.Morrils class came out today but they had a sub so Peggy helped us out. We showed the kids some seeds and let them draw what they saw and then predict what they thought it would be when they grew, then we went into the garden and saw what they actually looked like and they drew it. I had a young boy in my group that was just not a happy camper. He tried to draw and kept messing up and then got frustrated, and started crying. I felt so helpless as nothing that i said or did seemed to help but later Peggy explained to me that it is very common for young kids to behave like that and get easily frustrated, but i still felt terrible.
After the class left we packed up and headed out until another day at the Peace Patch!

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