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Monday, March 2, 2009

It's Alive!

It looks like everything over the weekend did well. The marigolds look better, with some new buds on the way. Some sunflowers were broken at the base of the stem (maybe from the intense wind yesterday and today), but the majority look like they're going to grow taller than we are, and quickly. The white potatoes are thriving and the snap peas look like they're going to be ready to climb soon. The garden had anything but the case of the Monday's.

Ms. Davis' class, slowly one by one after finishing their in-class work, came out to help us transplant our newly donated tomato plants and nastertiums. We also weeded with them after everything was in the ground. Before Corman's class came out, a little boy named Evan walked through the garden with a guidance counselor and Kaylie. He wasn't having a good day, but things looked up after his visit when he asked to visit again later in the day. After seeing this, I realized that our garden is now significantly arising as a truly peaceful place for the students.

We had Ms. Corman's class sit at the picnic tables to give them their tasks but in the end were kind of all over the place. We watered and weeded the garden, but there are still a lot of weeds to take out, mainly just grass. The second shift had some free time in between the classes to plan out the lesson for Ms. Wester's class. Kaylie had made a worksheet that centered around making hypotheses. The kid's seemed to enjoy having their own box to monitor and doing the worksheet (drawing/writing). After finishing the assignment, they planted the flowers (donated by Catherine Griggs).

In the third shift, Ms. Dorsey's class came out and the lesson from the previous class was used again. They also weeded the mulched area, which will probably need to be done frequently. All in all, the garden looks full of life and it was a great start to the week.

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