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Friday, March 6, 2009

The End of Another Awesome Week in the Garden!

It's been a little over a month since we started planting seeds and the garden looks like its teeming with life!  The sugar snap peas are humongous, the sunflowers are thriving, and our potatoes absolutely love our soil!  Speaking of soil, today we sent some soil samples to the county for testing.  We might be having a little trouble with nutrients in the soil, which is to be expected as none of us have really worked with soil before, but as soon as the results are back we'll be fixing whatever needs to be done!  It's nothing a little compost, worm poop, and manure can't solve!  There are only a couple plants that seem to be having a problem with the soil, because everything else has there is doing great.  Secondary leaves on almost all of them!

Today we had two classes come out, both in the morning, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Bruce, a fifth and third grade class, respectively.  The days are becoming extremely hot again, so we've been watering a lot lately.  That said, we had the kids help water and weed the garden.  We also moved some turnips that needed tending too.  We watered again come the end of the day, as most of it had already evaporated and the little seedlings need that top water.  Mrs. Garcia's pre-k class wasn't able to come out, so instead we transplanted the okra into their bed.  We also saw that a few plants (tomatoes, cucumbers, and bush beans) seem to not be happy with the soil, so we gathered some better looking soil from the worm bin that we added compost to in the beginning of the week, and put it around the plants.  We think we should do this at the end of the week to freshen up our plants!  That said, we had a great week in the garden and I'm sure we'll see a great leap in growth by monday!

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