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Monday, March 30, 2009

Attack of the winds!

The powerful gusts of the weekend did a number on our trellises and our greenhouse. Nearly all of the red trellises blew over and some of them broke, and somehow the greenhouse relocated itself across the garden onto the picnic tables! Also, some of the beautiful clay signs made by the kids lost a few letters, but we can fix them with a little gorilla glue.
The good news (actually WONDERFUL news) is that pretty much all of our plants remain unscathed! How ironic that our "tough" man-made materials were unable to withstand the force of Nature yet the immobile, vulnerable plants endured.
The school was eerily quiet without the children, who are enjoying their spring this week. It is a totally different experience without them. The Edible Peace Patch is very peaceful but it's definitely missing the laughter of the kids that care for it. There are only two shifts a day for the whole week with two Eckerd students each: morning and afternoon. Today revolved mostly around damage assessment. The trellises will need to be repaired once we get a staple gun/nails/twine (it is uncertain which of these will work best). The morning shift picked up trash, gathered up the broken pieces, got compost from the cafeteria and attempted to move the greenhouse but it is too heavy for just two...how did the wind take it?!
The afternoon shift moved the broken trellises to the fence where they won't be stepped on or tripped over, made an effort to secure the standing trellises, weeded some grass, and marked the plants missing trellises with flags. Kathy and Alex removed a radish that was poking its way out of the soil, and are happy to report it was delicious! Everything is coming along nicely, we will definitely have a plethora of vegetables for our Harvest Fest which is approaching soon!

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