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Friday, March 13, 2009

A Lovely, Quiet Friday

Today was the perfect day for wrapping up a wonderful week. The morning shift, Dylan and Erica undertook the important job of writing up an invitation letter for the Eckerd community and obtaining addresses for all of the people we want to thank at our Harvest Fest! They didn't get to spend any time in the garden unfortunately but they did a lot of work for that tedious and much needed job.
Lowry and Alex finished up the loose ends of the administrative stuff and then went out to give the garden a good watering before the weekend. The sun is getting stronger and stronger these days so our plants are thirstier than ever! Everything seems to be thriving, it is truly incredible how much growth can take place in just one week! The sweet potatoes have finally decided to say hi, the beans are huge and the Three Sisters are looking beautiful. The okra are making great companions for our towering tomatoes. The new thyme plant in the herb garden looks happy and there are flowers and buds on our nasturtiums!
Just as the second shift was leaving and the third was taking over, the kids came out with...MORE SIGNS! Yay! Now all of our beloved plants can have their own handmade clay signs. They'll add some color to the mostly green and brown Edible Peace Patch. The third shift had Mrs. Bates 5th grade class water, made pinecone bird feeders with the pre-k, put worm fertilzer in the beds, and thinned some plants (separated plants that had two plants per one hole). What a productive day!
For some, the end of this week means they won't be seeing the garden until the week after next due to spring break. For others, it means they get some one on one time with the plants! Have a great break Eckerd students, be safe!

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