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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Calm before the Storm......

It looks like the garden is about ready to explode with growth! Almost everything we have planted has come up and it shouldn't be long until the growth really takes off and never looks back. Now that we have some larger plants in the garden, which the Monday crew put in, the garden is looking more full of life than ever. We continued to plant some of the plants from the generous gift the Eckerd Film Festival donated. First we planted the lettuce into bed five. We are hoping these more matured lettuce plants will give the smaller ones we planted from seeds the extra motivation to keep growing big! Next we transplanted the bell peppers into some planters. We would like to get them in the ground as soon as possible but we are afraid they might over-shade the little baby peppers we have currently growing. For now, their home will be the planters until the little ones can catch up. We also planted some Romain lettuce seeds next to our loose leaf.
Then came to messy part. Miss. Peggy has been graciously keeping a container of dirt and worms in her classroom so the worms can work their magic. And magic it was! There was a decent amount of worm castings (AKA poop) ready to be put to use in our garden. We mixed the castings with water to make a sort of....sludge and sprinkled in all the beds to give our plants an extra boost. We placed a few of the worms throughout the garden hoping they can work their magic right where we need it. We replaced the dirt in the container so the worms can keep working and put them back in their home, Miss. Peggy's room.

In our third shift, a class finally came out with three students. Luckily there were three of us Eckerd kids so there was some great one on one time. The kids helped us spread some manure on our gourds, which aren't looking so hot at the moment. They also looked for bugs and the worms we put out earlier. The wind died down significantly since yesterday and with the sun, it turned out to be a great day. Keep thinking those positive thoughts and send them our garden's way!

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