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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Peppers & Vines

It was a hot day in the Peace Patch. Some clouds gathered early, but they were scattered and soon evaporated completely. Andrea and Lauren were out this morning. They transplanted some of the morning glories coming up by the fence over to the base of the two pyramid trellises at the entrance to the garden. We talked about pulling some grass, and Lauren pulled back some of the mulch and set to work.

We placed the other trellises at each of the four corners of the garden and then two more along the northeast perimeter. I drove up to Twigs & Leaves a local native plant store to see if we could get our hands on some native vines that would thrive in full sun. Michael donated two decent sized cross vines and then gave us a huge discount on six other native vines that we will be planting tomorrow. (Thanks Twigs & Leaves!) It will be impressive when those begin to climb the trellises.

The green peppers that were donated to us by Catherine Griggs have started to produce some decent sized fruit (as you can see). Our peas are doing the same at this point and I believe that there are at least three radishes ready to harvest. I noticed in a picture Maxim had taken that the sunflowers were getting nearly as tall as a second grader. You can find that picture here. Nor should we neglect to notice the second coming of the marigolds along the edge of the garden as seen in picture one above. They have all recovered. The seedlings planted a few weeks ago are growing well in the other spots; we'll have marigolds all around soon.

We brought out the bird feeders that the kindergarten class had made and hung them on the trellises as well. We are getting a lot of mileage out the donation. Some of the boxes seemed drier than others, so Noah, Jonah, Maxim and Aidan helped me water some and pull more grass in the afternoon when school was done at the end of the day. We have a thick layer of mulch out there, but the grass keeps squeaking its way through nonetheless. We will need to keep at it the rest of the spring, I'm afraid.

I think everyone is excited to get back to the garden next week. Kids were asking me when they would be coming out again all day today.

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