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Monday, February 13, 2012

Day one of Spring 2012

     And we're off to another great semester! 
Today, we resumed our weekly work in the garden along with lessons and classes. I worked the very chilly 8-10am shift with Kate and Erin joined us to go over all of things that need to happen this week. Despite our nearly numb fingers and toes, we enjoyed the refreshing air and the irresistable beauty of the Peace Patch garden. Among the various goals for this semester, we discussed planting more fruit than we have in the past, as the kids are largely more excited about growing fruit than vegetables (no surprise there..). We also had fun tossing around ideas for dishes to make from the food we will eventually harvest....tomato and basil hummus anyone?

I always envy kids' superior resilience in the face of cold weather. Here's our beautiful group of kindergarten students, energetic and ready for time in the garden! 

Sunflowers growing in the Three Sisters Bed, looking lovely.

Just a few of the tomatoes growing on the very large tomato bush. 
Far left bed: Eggplant and Broccoli; Middle bed: Peppers, Parsley, Cilantro; Right: Cauliflower.

So excited to see the Eggplant coming in!

Our main task for today's shift...a newly planted bed of Garbonzo beans, Garden Beans, and Providers.

Kate assessing our class'slevel of science/gardening knowledge through  the classic red light-green light game.

I'm so excited to be back in the garden again this semester and to be a part of such an important and life-changing movement. I know the rest of the semester will only prove to be more exciting as we move forward with planting and working with the kids.

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