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Monday, February 20, 2012

Second Week of Teaching at Lakewood!!

Today the vegetables in the garden looked awesome!

The lettuce is about ready to harvest!

Olivia and I planted some raddishes.

We also planted beets!

The Cherry Tomato's were ready to harvest!

Last week Olivia and I planted some bean seeds and they were already sprouting!! So Exciting!

A close up of the bean seeds!

Edible flowers that are pretty tasty!

The students had a lesson on seeds today! First, we looked at three different types of seeds and observed some similarities and differences. We used our senses of sight, smell, and touch to observe the seeds. And we looked at their texture, shape, weight, and color. They absolutely loved planting their own seeds! We used some plastic cups and each student got to plant one seed. Then the teacher took the planted seeds back to their classroom.

The students tasted the edible flower! They thought it was so cool that they could eat a flower!

We also tasted the cherry tomatoes! They were very yummy!

The students left very happy! 

By: Kate Farley
Eckerd College Senior

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