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Friday, February 17, 2012

Stories to Share in the Garden

It was gloomy day at Lakewood’s garden but that did not let that stand in the way of our happiness to be back in the garden.  

Besides the kids coming out at the end, my favorite part of the morning was talking with my fellow peers and getting to know them better. I feel lucky to be in a group that is so passionate about horticulture and enjoyed the conversations that we were having. Along with discussing worldly views on culture and religion, my peers expressed how they felt connected to the Edible Peace Patch project through their various experiences.

We mainly focused on pulling sedges out the mulch walkways which is really therapeutic as well as a time committing task. Luckily, I was with a group that had interesting conversations, making the work go by fast.

I found a really cool mushroom with a black cap growing in one of the beds which I thought deserved to be in our blog.

The children came out right before it was about to rain. We didn’t get to do the assessment but we did get to give them a tour of the garden. The students were very excited to get to taste the baby tomatoes!

I really appreciate having an enthusiastic group of students and getting to work with motivated people who tell awesome stories.  

Julia Melton

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