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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thriving Thursday

Hello all!

Sydney here.  I'm excited to be working on this project again after taking a semester break.  Last semester I was working with the non-profit, Friends of Strays Animal Shelter, and found that working with animals is a lot like working with children-- they desire a lot of attention and are smelly.  Only kidding! :) But, seriously, I really did miss working in the garden and with humans again.

Today at the garden was calm.  The Peace Patch is in desperate need of a hair-cut, so, Randi and I spent the majority of our time pulling up pesky sedge.  Mrs. K's class came out today and we continued Julia's excellent seed lesson plan.  Mrs. K has first gardeners (graders) who are eager to be outside and interested in what is happening in the garden!  Educating is the part I love about working in an Edible Schoolyard because I feel like I am in my element.  I love when kids ask questions and I love how excited they get when you change the pitch of your voice to make even the most boring of words sound much more intriguing.

My time at the garden is reflective.  I find educating difficult at times because I myself might not know how to answer a question from a first gardener.  But, at other times I find it exhilarating to share my knowledge.  Children have very distinct faces when they are thinking and beginning to understand new information and it's a face that I hope to see throughout my career path.  As I mentioned before, I am excited to be back on this project because it has helped me to understand my true passion in life, education. Have a great weekened everyone!

PS: This bird was sitting on a tree right next to me at dinner the other night.  He was very chill. 

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