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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


 It feels good to be back in the Edible Peace Patch Garden! I missed the Lakewood Elementary students over break! I'm excited that my Tuesday 10 to 12 shift has both a kindergarten class and a first grade class. I'm lucky enough to have my favorite class that I worked with last semester again this semester. Being able to work with them all year has definitely helped me grow closer to the students, and made them more comfortable with me as well. It is going to be tough to leave them at the end of the semester.
Today we reviewed the plant parts as a group and then split up into our smaller groups. Every time they come to the garden they beg for some new vegetable that they can try. My first grade class decided that they had a new found fear of bees and the only way that they would be "safe" would be to hold my hand. Which resulted in 5 kids all trying to hold my hand at the same time. After convincing them that were all okay, we settled under the shade of a tree where they could draw the parts of the plants and anything else they had observed during our walk through the garden.


After our classes we were left with just enough time to water the plants and weed.

"There are two lasting bequests we can give our childrenone is roots.  The other is wings." -Hodding Carter, Jr.


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