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Monday, January 30, 2012

Finishing Touches

The Edible Peace Patch at Lakewood Elementary has finally become operational. After many hours of hard work by many ambitious volunteers, the Garden is ready for production.
Aesthetically, there is no comparison

And the same goes agriculturally.
These new beds will hopefully contain far more nutrient rich soil and will promote healthy growth among the various crops.

Even the sunflowers will have better soil, proper organization, and greater protection.
As we can see, they are taking it very well.

With all of the beds finished, sand sloped appropriately, and mulch spread, we were finally able to start planting.
This involved some careful note-taking in order to know what was where and the notes were then organized into a whiteboard chart for ease of use.
(left of bottom half nearest school and top following to the right)

Some of the crops, such as the tomatoes and some sunflowers, were left planted from the previous garden:

Others were transplanted in fresh new beds:


Peppers (left), Parsley (right top), Broccoli (middle), Cilantro (right bottom),

Eggplant (left), Romaine Lettuce (right),

A few mystery greens (likely a form of Collards),

And yet others received drastic upgrades to their pre-existing homes:


lets not forget about those Sunflowers.

Even the compost, mulch, and soil starter piles reaped the benefits of the renovation.

Some plants from the old garden were even able to be harvested in order to provide for future generations of superior crops.

The Edible Peace Patch here at Lakewood has sure come a long way, but the real exciting part is still to come.

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