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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Season Starts Again...

  To live, to survive on the earth, to care for the soil, and to worship, all are bound at the root to the idea of a cycle. -Wendell Berry

  One can still feel a bit of the cold from winter, the weather keeps jumping back and forth from hot to cold, unable to make up its mind it seems. Yet the length of the days are consistently getting longer and thus the sun is gifting more energy to the plants and us. Already quite a bit that was saved from last season is growing and near or ready to be harvested, including some cauliflower, lettuce, and some gorgeous (and very delicious) little tomatoes. We shared some of the tomatoes with the kids, and had reactions ranging from "delicious" to pure disgust with the flavor (I didn't much like tomatoes at there age either). One bright kid noticed the seeds in his tomato and decided to keep it so to plant the seeds later.

   It was a lot of fun getting to see the kids I had spent so much time with last term, and while they can be a handful at times, I am really glad I get to spend time with them and see them light up with understanding of the cycles and workings of the garden. I also love that these kids love bugs almost as much as I do! This garden is a special place that grows a lot more than just plants, and I look forward to doing a lot of growing in this new growing season!

- Noah Schlager
Better than any argument is to rise at dawn and pick dew-wet red berries in a cup. -Wendell Berry

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