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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Watering Seeds and Pulling Weeds

Another wonderful morning in the garden! Julia and I got right to work watering all our newly planted seeds as well as the crops that are growing strong. Thankfully we were in the garden bright and early and were able to use the hose, as we were not the only ones looking to utilize the water. As the sun crept higher in the sky we moved from watering to getting our hands dirty and weeding. Once declaring war on the sedge that seems to pop up everywhere, Julia and I had our hands full.

The sedge not only crept into the beds, but was also thriving in the paths. It’s amazing how plants can make their way through cardboard and mulch so rapidly! We started pulling sedge out of some of the beds but soon realized how much was in the path and quickly shifted our focus. It was difficult to pull out all of the roots of the sedge but hopefully not many were left behind so our paths and beds will stay weed-free for a longer period of time. After a solid 40 minutes of pulling up sedge out of the pathways and beds we were covered in dirt and sweat. It felt great to work outside in the morning. By the end of our shift we cleaned up the paths around the beds and were acceptably dirty.
It’s amazing how much can be accomplished in just a week! Everything looks so much better now than it did just 7 days ago. The garden finally looks ready for some kids! I can’t wait until we get some more plants in the ground!

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