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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Children: Gardeners of the Future

  As the rising rays of the sun began to greet the day our work in the garden was just beginning. Tristram was the first to rouse our sleepy garden as he provided a much needed morning shower for our new generation of little vegetables. The sweet potato bed is well on its way to a bountiful future, and the lone basil plant is not far behind. Small blades of grass have started to poke their heads through a few of the beds, but our unceasing battle against them continues to hold them back. Although it seems that a few of our tomato plants have gone missing, the ones that remain seem to be picking up the slack and it wont be long before more join their numbers.
  Once the entire group arrived we quickly got to the task of expanding our pineapple forest. Equipped with shovels and gloves we began the long, hard task of pushing back the matt of grass. The swift sound of our shovels tearing through the earth provided us with a rhythmic groove to help pass the time, and before we knew it we had pushed the grass all the way to our fence line. Drenched with sweat and covered head to toe with sandy soil, we began to lay down the recycled cardboard on the now naked earth. About halfway through our work we were greeted by the smiling faces of a first grade class. Accompanied by three teachers, the little future gardeners surveyed their land and expressed their excitement for this coming growing season; most of their eyes growing wide with the thought of a pineapple forest. The class bid us farewell and we continued our work. After using up all the cardboard at our disposal we placed a top layer of mulch to secure our hard days work. Ten o'clock rolled around just as we were dumping the last of the mulch, and with the return of our tools to the shed we packed up our gritty hands and said our goodbyes... Until next time, peas out!    

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