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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Result of Teamwork

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success". ~Henry Ford

After a two and a half mile bike ride, I met my fellow peers at the garden early in the morning. It was a pleasant surprise to see the improvements made since Monday. It shows how far working together as a team can go. Besides the nicely cleared out plots free from sedges and other weeds, there were many more sprouts that had grown since we had been there last.

Specifically, the sweet potato plot has been thriving. Another crop that was doing well was the cucumber which seemed noticeable in several different beds.

Since the plots have been maintained and nicely groomed, we decided to focus our time working on the pineapple garden. We continued to clear out the grasses that had been removed remarkably since the last time we had been there. Then we laid out cardboard around the pineapple garden. Each pineapple has rocks surrounding its perimeter and some rock circles we made today for pineapples to be planted in the future.

Once we finished laying out the cardboard we began mulching on top. This is done to keep the grasses from growing around the pineapples so as to maximize their ability to grow. While we were doing this, Noah found beautiful red and black colored bugs in the butterfly bush which he classified as “True Bugs”.

It seems like every day in the Garden we find new things and get to learn to identify new species. It is very rewarding to be working on a project that is continuing to come together!

Julia Melton

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