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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Helpers

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience."

— James Beard

Wednesday was another beautiful day in the garden. We began the day by checking on our radishes that we planted in rows on Monday. The radishes have a rapid harvest between one to two months after planting. We watered the radish plot as well as the other recently planted seeds in the garden.

Then my group decided to attack the grass that is between the garden and the fence. We used shovels to dig up as much grass as we could and then piled the grass into the wheel barrow. This took a lot of time to make a dent in the grass, but the final product looked spectacular!

Once a good portion of the grasses were taken out, we had some time to lay out cardboard to prevent the sedges from returning (although it is inevitable). The finishing touches will be to lay the mulch out on top of the cardboard.

The highlight of my shift and I’m sure for my fellow group members was when a class of about 12 students came out to the garden with their teacher. Some of these children made it clear that they were 5 years old. They came into the garden with wide eyes of amazement. Immediately after we introduced ourselves, they ask my peers and I if they could be our “helpers” and undoubtedly we responded “of course”. They walk through the garden with their teacher and we went along pointing out what was planted in certain areas. They asked the adorable, innocent questions such as,“can we plant popcorn?” and “can we plant mashed potatos?”. I can already tell that the kids are going to get so much out of the Edible Peace Patch. When they teacher acknowledged the students that it was time to get back to class the children didn’t seem to want to leave. A lot of them gave us hugs even though we had met only a few minutes.

Getting to meet the children that we will be teaching gave us some feedback for all the hard work we have been doing to prepare for them. It warmed our hearts how excited they were about coming out to the garden and how much they seemed to want to get to know us. The Edible Peace Patch is a very special place, in that it can be shared by many people of all ages.

Julia Melton

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