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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Progress in the Garden

“All is connected... no one thing can change by itself. “ –Paul Hawken

The morning shift arrived at Lakewood Elementary at 8:00. It was still cool until the sun continued turning it into a hot sweaty morning. We began our work where others had left off just past the pineapple garden it hopes of creating room for the watermelon.

We noticed how using our hands to pull out tall grasses would sometimes cut them, so we decided to use garden clippers to trim them down and then take them out by their root. This was followed by raking all the grass that we pulled and added it to the compost. We noticed how the compost has really piled up in the last week, which we hope to put to good use eventually.

There are still preparations needed before we introduce the children to the garden, but it is nice to see some strong sprouts beginning to make their debut. For instance, the basil plant is beautiful and seems to be strong.

The garden still has more to come!

Julia Melton

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