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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Little Dirt Never Hurts

“All my life, I have tried to pluck a thistle and plant a flower whenever the flower would grow in thought and mind.”- Abraham Lincoln

I started the early morning shift at Lakewood Elementary by adding some vegetables scrapes to the compost pile. Once doing this, one of my fellow group members, Lilian, began to turn the compost. This is important to break down the compost.

Another member of my group, Hank, brought a couple of pineapple tops to plant in the pineapple garden. We have a few premade rock circles for the tops. After Hank dug the hole and planted the pineapple, I watered them so they would be comfortable in their new home.

I decided to water a few other plants in the garden that seemed a little dry. The tomatoes I transplanted a few days ago seem to be doing fine. I learned when transplanting tomatoes, it is extremely important to use plenty of water.

We concluded the day by weeding throughout the mulch and in a few beds in the garden. Its amazing how weeds continue to grow back. It takes continual work to maintain a garden; it would not exist at Lakewood Elementary without people looking after it.

Julia Melton

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