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Monday, September 19, 2011

Another day in the Peace Patch

Today was another sweltering Monday afternoon in the garden. Even with the Florida sun beating on our backs we set off to work with high spirits. It felt good to be out of the classroom/ dorm-rooms and be working outside. Chelsea stayed around with the truck to help us get another load of mulch. Due to a shortage of pitchforks Erin and I stayed back at the garden while Forest and Chelsea went to fill up the truck. I started to pull some more of those stubborn weeds out from around the pineapples while Erin began to water some of the beds. I have never done much gardening before but have quickly found that I really enjoy it. There is something soothing about working in the garden. I love getting covered in dirt and digging my bare hands into the soil.  

When Forest and Chelsea got back with the truck full of mulch we spread it around the pineapple beds and we started to spread it around the main beds. We then planted some wildflowers and marigolds. Erin showed me how to make starters for the red current tomatoes. She explained how they grew better if we planted them separately first and then transplanted them into the main beds later. I have always wanted to learn how to grow my own food so this whole experience is very interesting for me. 

Near the end of our shift a beautiful yellow butterfly fluttered around the garden but wouldn’t sit still long enough for us to capture a picture. I can't wait until the garden is brimming with plants and animal life! There is something very rewarding about being able to look back after our shift is done and seeing how much we have accomplished.

-Alina Dallmeier

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