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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Windy Wednesday

Already our first week is halfway over. How quickly the time flies when you're having fun. The patch was quite cold and gusty this morning, making the sunflowers' roots work overtime. Yet the sun was so bright one could easily underestimate the temperature and decide against wearing an extra layer (with dire consequences). So, the morning was mostly spent in the shed with the wind threatening to blow it over, making starter charts, accounting for seeds, and organizing our planting schedule. Sophia and Alex started 12 peppers in the tray with the herbs, checked in on all the beds, and weeded a bit in bed 1. We decided against watering, testing the moistness with a finger in the beds, and also because it was so cold. Compost was added to our huge piles, but without the necessary carbon ingredients, the food waste will not break down as efficiently. Perhaps it is time to go on a hunt for dead leaves, sticks, cardboard, and other dry materials so we can ensure there's a nutrient rich soil for next season.

Without a class during the morning shift and early dismissal today, our bare garden was fairly devoid of its favorite visitors - the children. However, the independent study group came out early afternoon and planted eggplant starters with their class. We are almost on schedule with starting our plants, we just need to plant some more eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, okra, and broccoli. Other than that, the crops currently growing are doing excellent; we could make a delicious salad out of our lettuce and arugula or steam up some kale and chard. I even found a volunteer nasturtium, my favorite flower, in the herb garden. So, as the week approaches the end, the garden is just about ready and waiting for the classes, and for the learning and growing that accompanies every trip to the patch.

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  1. Try turning the compost instead of piling it. Lots of dead material underneath...