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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chilly but Sunny

Today was still pretty chilly but the sun was out so the kids were out as well. After a little work in the garden the air no longer felt chilly, and some of the kids were able to take their coats off. The morning groups planted bush beans and carrots, and they were so excited to be putting their own seeds in the ground and watering them. "I've tried growing food before but it never works," one boy said to me. I assured him that he would have better luck this time. The second graders also watered the other plants already growing, and even watered some soil that didn't have any seeds yet - but it can never hurt to practice your watering can skills.
Some beginning-of-semester organization is still being straightened out, but as it is still only the first week in the garden, I'm sure things will be going smoothly very soon. Some more eggplants were put in starters, so we now have 32 eggplants in starters, which is how many we'll need for the semester.
With the first week coming to an end tomorrow, we have put almost everything in the ground. The garden still looks pretty "wintry" and barren, but there are a few sprouts coming up and within a week all the beds should be glowing with little green sprouts.
The kids seem excited to be out in the garden and we are excited to be learning with them. It is amazing to think what kinds of social changes might be instigated from gardens like these, and what general social awareness and consciousness organic learning has to offer.

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