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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Revolution Will be Gardenized

As some of you may know, Eckerd College holds an environmental film festival every March. Tonight, there were three short films shown that focused on revolutionizing urban and suburban landscapes, with special attention being paid to gardens. These films helped me remember the reasons why the garden was created at Lakewood Elementary in the first place. IMG_5899

The purpose of our Edible Peace Patch is to connect children to their immediate environment, to teach them where their food comes from, to facilitate learning through doing. Through the magic of the garden the kids learn that broccoli does not manifest itself, pre-packaged in plastic, at the grocery store. Rather, they come to understand that a head of broccoli starts as a seed. With water, sunlight, nutrients, and their attention, the plant produces something that is edible and delicious. After becoming aware of this, I really do think that the kids become more knowledgeable and mindful of what they eat.
It is my hope that this simple notion will be planted deep within them where it can bloom and flourish in the years to come. When they grow older perhaps they will plant a garden of their own, shop at a local produce market, or simply eat more vegetables. However small the lasting effects of the Edible Peace Patch are, I know they will be overwhelmingly positive. Our current agricultural paradigm can only be transformed through a radical change in our nation’s mindset. I truly believe that this shift in outlook will occur through education, especially at a primary school level. IMG_5911

Today a group of first graders and I discovered an insect never-before seen in the garden, we discussed how honey was made, we inspected and drew a lone watermelon sprout. IMG_5905 Will they realize in the future, that on this perfect day in February, they were participating in a food revolution?

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