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Friday, February 12, 2010

The morning started out cold and pretty grim. The garden's vibrancy hasn't reached it peak yet. As I walked through the garden I realized how great its going to look.
The best thing I think I like about the garden so far would have to be kale. Purple and green are my favorite colors. After some weeding through the wood chips and the beds it was time for Ms. McDevitt's class to come out. We introduced ourselves to the class and talked briefly of the rules and how a garden works. Surprisingly so many of these kids knew about how important gardens were.

We split up the class and I worked with four students. We took a walk through the garden and stopped at the different beds. The beans have started to sprout and my kids pointed that out when we were examining the beds. The first watermelon has started to sprout as well! One of the girls in my group was extremely excited and she said, "No way a BIG watermelon can come from a baby seed!"

The best part of the tour of the garden was talking about the soil and it was so funny to see how the kids jumped when they learned the soil was made with horse manure! After a while I felt like I was running out of things to show them and talk about, however they kept asking about so many different aspects of the garden. One boy in my group asked how soon we would have food? How much food and if he could have some? We talked about how important all these vegetables are and how many foods use them. The favorite vegetables of the garden seems to be tomatos.

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