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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Peace Patch Homecoming

It has been over nine months since I have visited the Edible Peace Patch. The drive to Lakewood Elementary brought on feelings of anticipation and apprehension. I was nervous to speak to the kids and interact with them in the garden again. It was exciting to see the changes and additions to the peace patch put in place during fall semester. The sunflowers towered over me, much taller than they were last year. Both compost piles were huge and overflowing with rank, rotting vegetable scraps. Oh the smell of future soil. There is now a small aloe garden and a handful of monstrous pineapple plants, but I am sure you blog readers are already aware of this!

All of my anxiety about seeing the kids ended up being in vain thanks to a Florida February cold front. It drizzled, spat, and poured for my entire four hour shift at the garden. As a result of the unpredictable weather all four of our scheduled classes remained indoors. Tyler, Stephanie, Dylan, and myself divided our time in the garden between pulling weeds and escaping Mother Nature's cold, wet wrath. Despite the weather we managed to annihilate a sizable portion of the garden's sedge population. I was saddened by the children's absence from the garden but it felt so good to have my hands back in familiar dirt.

Although some may interpret today's weather as a bad omen, my incredible experience in the garden last year started the same way.

With a rainy day.

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