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Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 2 commences

It was a warmer and less breezy beginning to our second week, and I'm sure our little seedlings are just as thankful as the gardeners. Even though there were no classes today, the three shifts got a lot done. In the morning, the garden was watered and the orange mites on the butterfly plant picked off and exterminated. The mid morning shift also took on the mites so hopefully the plant will grow again. They planted pole beans in the three sisters bed next to the corn, which could use a little shaping up so the little corn sprouts don't get stepped on. The area along the fence behind the sunflowers was weeded and the compost was turned; it looks much more like compost heaps than piles of decaying food matter now. Worm poop was harvested as well as the lovely purplish kale which is flourishing. The afternoon shift made less confusing greenhouse starter charts so everyone knows how many and where seedlings were planted. The trenches were weeded and watered, and so were the watermelon patches. The beds were watered again and we placed the starters safely behind the shed.

As the weather should be sweeter tonight, we think the starters can safely stay outside. Starting tomorrow, there are more peppers to be planted with the children. Sunflower seeds can also be planted in the bare spots of the trench, and the dead leaves should be pruned off the tall stalks. It's going to be a busy week, and hopefully with warmer weather we can start seeing the fruits of a labors in the form of tiny seedlings!

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