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Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Tug on My Heart

Today in the garden was a bitter sweet day. It was a learning experience not only for the children we were teaching but for ourselves. We introduced a new activity in the garden today, but first we reviewed a previous lesson plan on, "Parts of the Plant." The kids all jumped to answer our review questions on the roots, stem, leaves, flower and seeds and what their function was. I was so pleased to see how familiar the kids were with what we had taught them, it made me feel a sense of accomplishment. We then instructed the kids to go into the garden and, "pick a plant to draw on their clipboard." I soon learned how important choice of words was when I started seeing some of the kids literally "picking" peppers off of the plants instead of "choosing" a plant to draw. Once we cleared the misunderstanding up the kids sweetly apologized. In that moment I realized as their instructor it was my responsibility to instruct them properly and even when I failed they were the one's who apologized and looked up at me with an innocent smile and tugged on my heart. I can't express how attached I have become to the Edible Peace Patch and each child that comes out to bless me with an amazing experience I had never anticipated as a college student at Eckerd College before taking this class with Kip Curtis. The Edible Peace Patch has opened up new doors for my future and I truly believe for each of the kids that have the opportunity to visit the garden.

God Bless,

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