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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Things are growing, FAST!!!!

Today was another beautiful day in the garden. It was in the mid 80's and not a cloud in the sky. A lot of was done in the garden today, from maintenance to teaching! Andrea and I started the day by meeting to Eckerd PEL students who were tending to the compost and measuring to build new bed frames.
The beds unfortunately have been under the stress of the Florida sun and rain so a revamping of them is highly needed!! Because it was so hot today Andrea and I took an extra while watering the newly built up compost, the native plants, and the produce growing in the beds.
Around fifteen until Noon Ms.Barlow's Pre-K came out to learn about seasons!!! Off the bat they knew that plants needed plenty of sunlight, healthy (preferably organic!) soil, and lots of water. After having a brief discussion about how Florida really only has two seasons (wet and dry), we went into the garden and had the kids try to identify what plants need more water and longer to grow. As per usual as we were walking through the garden the kids noticed how large the plants have grown over the past couple weeks!
Baby Pineapples!
Baby Bell Peppers!
The kids as well as Andrea and myself were amazed even from only one week how much things have grown. It was a great day in the garden both for the plants and Ms.Barlow's class! Unfortunately, it went by way too fast. Until next week baby pineapples.
Gracie Van Huffel

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