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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bright Days in the Garden!

Today, for our maintenance shift we arrived to a logbook with a number of things to do that we were excited to get started on! Our first task was to remove the pole bean plants from beds 4 and 13, then chop and rake parts of the plants back into the soil and then soak the soil in hopes to bring more nutrients (a technique that I am now well versed in after having to do it a couple weeks ago). Colby and I got started on this while Liz began watering the garden.

Colby beginning her work on bed 13

I am still amazed every time I come to the garden at how much the plants are growing and how beautiful they are becoming. Although I know scientifically how the plants grow, I still ask myself every time "How is this all happening right before our eyes every week?" There are about six or seven pineapples emerging, with two of them being well along into the process, the broccoli plants are HUGE and almost ready for harvesting (I also had no idea that broccoli grew the way it did, and was very baffled and excited when I first saw them), peppers are starting to grow,  the sunflowers are getting taller and taller with large leaves, the corn is almost at my hips and so much more, it's incredible!
The HUGE broccoli!



This project has really made me want to grow my own garden after graduating, it's an amazing process to watch and grow food and then eat it! After finishing beds 4 and 13 (and snacking on some of the delicious green beans) Colby and I worked on the rest of the tasks while Liz finished watering. It feels amazing working in the garden in the warm weather again, it makes the work that much more enjoyable, and we're getting sun tans in the proccess!

The largest pineapple and a ladybug friend

The garden always puts a good start to my day and I always leave with a smile!


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