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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Small Lakewood Wonders

Our day at Lakewood began with walking into the garden and admiring all the growth that has come up within the past few weeks. Neither Liz nor I have been able to make it to Lakewood in a little while, so we were awestruck with the greenery. 

We were particularly amazed at the size of the corn stalks, and even more impressed that we have actual corn growing

Our first grade class came out right on time and they were very excited with the bug lesson. It is seldom in the children’s curriculum that they are told they may dig in the dirt and catch a bug, so we got a lot of enthusiasm and participation from them. 

By the end of our lesson the kids became familiar with identifying the bugs as predators, pollinators, or decomposers. They were also extremely enthused with the growth of the vegetables, begging us to let them take all the baby cucumbers. When we explained to them that we have to let the plants grow bigger before harvesting, one of the girls protested that the cucumbers would go perfectly on her salad. It was music to our ears to hear that a child of her age was even at all interested in eating salads, let alone actively thinking about what to add to them to make them even healthier. 

It is moments like these that make you truly believe that this garden is having an impact on the children’s lives, no matter how small. Whether they become interested in gardening themselves, or simply adding cucumbers to their salads, the garden has become a fixture in their education and a lasting memory of their childhood.

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