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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Hug Day!

Gorgeous Okra Flower! 

Today was a scorcher out in the garden at Lakewood! As usual Julia, Emily, and I, began our shift by wandering around the garden and looking at the changes from the week before. It was a bittersweet day because it was the last time we will be seeing our classes for the school year, so it was sad to say goodbye but we had a great time hearing about the kids favorite memories from the garden. Both classes came to the conclusion that picking and eating the green beans was by far the greatest experience, but searching for bugs was a close second!

Julia Hard at work..
 We drilled the information regarding the harvest festival into their heads and they were all extremely excited about getting the opportunity to share the garden with their families (and the food)! We told our second graders that we would be cooking for them, one of our feistier girls replied “Good. As it should be!” Not sure what to think about that, but i'm looking forward to it either way. We had some great conversations about favorite foods, snacks, and what everyone was hoping would be at the feast. We were also able to send our classes away with some green bell peppers, some sweet peppers, and some tiny yellow grape tomatoes.
Tiny Tomatoes were a big hit! Radishes, not so much.

 It was sad to say goodbye, with lots of hugs and well wishes, but it is obvious that these kids have grown a lot over the past few months, and I know us volunteers have as well, and that is something I am truly thankful for.
Can you believe our corn is growing??

Happy Planting!

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