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Friday, April 12, 2013

Giant Roses, Garden Hoses!

Happy Friday from the Lakewood Peace Patch! Today we were supposed to finish up the week with our 'water' lesson, but unfortunately only one of our classes came out, and they only had 10 minutes to spare, so we spent the time exploring all the gorgeous beds. I had a great discussion with some first graders about how the cabbage plants look just like giant roses, it's so interesting to watch them slowly fold themselves into individual heads!

Cabbage 'roses"
The air was sticky and the temperatures were high but we stuck it out and did a lot of weeding! The plants are looking wonderful, and it looks like they'll be getting some much needed rain this weekend, as one of our kids said “no need to water today I bet, it's totally going to rain, and that's just like, like a bazzillion water hoses.. in the sky!” The corn is as tall as i've seen it in Florida, lots of squash, peppers, peas, and greens are growing, and we're starting to see some tomatoes and more pineapple blooms, even the okra is making an appearance!

 The spring has totally constructed a new image for our garden, it looks so different than it did even a few weeks ago! With that said, the kids are very excited and even the students that don't come out to garden have been asking about the Harvest Festival, still a few weeks away, but definitely an event to look forward to, everyone is getting very excited!!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,
Liz Donkersloot

Pineapple update!!

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