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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Two weeks!

With only two weeks until the Harvest Festival the garden is looking fantastic! We've halted harvesting for now so that we have plenty of food to share from the kid's garden, so next week we'll start collecting for the festival!

Some general maintenance was done this morning. Watering, weeding, and even collecting seeds from the dill plant which has nearly toppled over with how big it is! Our wildflowers are looking very colorful and alive, and along with the dill plant it seems those two beds are attracting quite a few bees which help our bed be even more productive!

Ms. Frey's 3rd grade class came out and we wanted them to draw some pictures as well, for the festival, so we sent them in to the garden with clipboards and crayons in hand. They drew some great pictures for their family and friends to see! The dill plant in particular was a favorite..

We then helped the class on their science projects with the bean plants, making sure they understood all of their different variables and how everything fits in to the scientific method. There are some significant results showing so far, and it has been exciting watching the kids learn how their bean plants are affected by different factors. They are going to get to display their experiments at the school's science fair in a few weeks.

Every day the garden looks new and different, so I know we're all excited for the next few weeks!

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