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Friday, April 23, 2010

Bumble Bees


Everyday is different out at the garden, and today has kept well on this wapa-dashin' path. We had a tasting day with our 2nd grade classes. Radishes, turnip greens, and swiss chard where of the main ingredients in today's healthy, raw, and freshly plucked plate. Our kindergartens where all smiles too as they got the privilege of a day of games, including the favorite "tomato, tomato, cucumber".The kids did not only get to enjoy their average lessons today, many of them got to be movie stars! A fellow Eckerd student is working on a documentary featuring the schoolyard project. Something so simple can hold such importance, creating so much excitement! We also had a past member of the "garden people," as the kids like to call us college students, stop by for a hello! Visitors are always welcome in the garden, and the kids are always excited to show off the growing plants. (we also had some wonderful visitors of the insect world, those are always exciting too)

Allst I can say is that today was a great day, just as they all are. The sun was out and the green life was soaking it all in.


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