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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good Morning!

Beginning the day among plants and soil always provides for a much more relaxed afternoon, I can only hope that someday it will be a daily occurrence. I am constantly amazed by the rapid growth that occurs over a weeks time.

The wildflowers are in full bloom and the delicate poppies are slowly opening their pods.The dill still ambitiously growing and bursting into yellow spotting umbrellas. The lettuce has bolted and flowered into delicate yellow flowers, that Alex claims already smell of the lettuce leaves..but we have yet to get a second opinion.As I was watering, I was pleasantly surprised to the the three sisters(corn,beans and squash) thriving and looking incredibly healthy. A corn survival would be much appreciated so cross your fingers and do a rain dance.
And the PINEAPPLE! Looking so alien as it emerges out of the "recycled" spiny top. I cannot wait to see it progress(and hopefully taste it)

We did not have a class this morning but we did have some very small visitors traveling through the garden, en-route from P.E., to say hello and ask what we were growing. It is always so rewarding to see such interest from even the youngest children and their immediate smiles as the pass through the garden.

Ps. Apologize for the format, technology has not been on my side today.

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