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Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break

What a sight! Eckerd and Lakewood students are on their spring break this week and so only a few of us have been tending the garden. Everyone has been doing a great job, though, and all of our starters are now in. Maxim and Noah and I marveled at the plants taking shape everywhere. Broccoli and beans and watermelon and tomatoes and radishes and carrots and squash and corn and on and on. The garden is no longer full of sprouts and potential, it is growing with food plants that have taken on shape and form.
We noticed flowers everywhere, beginning to show signs of spring and the fruiting that will come. The kids and I planted twelve yellow squash seeds in the Three Sisters garden to finish out the triad, where corn and beans are growing well. We also watered, soaking watermelon and all of the beds and the trench and even the flower garden starting pop in amongst the gourd plants along the fence. Water and water and more water. This is the season of exponential growth. Lots of days longer than twelve hours long, warm weather, and water from the crew that loves this place.
We were worried a week ago that the crape myrtle had not made it through the cold weather. But it sprouted this week, too, brilliant maroon leaves popping everywhere.

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