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Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Friday!

Today was a high energy day in the garden! The Kindergarten class walked through the garden today on a walk through observation, finding new and bigger plants and vegetables that have grown over the past few weeks and specifically over spring break. The garden looks much better, so green and so much life is flourishing. There are watermelons sprouting finally and pineapples too! The three sisters have started to look much healthier and the beds with vegetables are overflowing with greens!
The Kindergarten class helped us identify the changes in the garden and all the growth. As well as talking about how the garden has grown they helped us plant new sunflowers in the trench after it was hoed and weeded in hopes to revitalize the sunflowers around the garden. The second grade class went a bit more indepth with the observations of the garden and as we walked around with them they completed a worksheet on documenting the weather conditions, the air, soil and water temperatures and to measure the beans previously planted a few weeks ago. The bean plants are giant compared to what they looked like two weeks ago!
Today was a great day in the garden with lots of questions and great participation by the classes!

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