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Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Plants, Colorful Trellises and Lost Snakes

Today was a warm and extremely humid morning in the Edible Peace Patch Garden. With the weekend’s heavy rains, the plants looked even healthier and happier than normal. Every bed is currently bursting with life. The beans in the three sisters’ garden are eagerly climbing up the corn and sunflower stalks. The wildflowers in the pollinator garden are beautiful and full of color, attracting plenty of bees. The radishes are begging to be pulled and devoured. The dill and the parsley plants continue grow out in all directions and currently tower over all other plants in the garden. With all of this activity going on in the garden, we can expect a very bountiful and enjoyable harvest fest.

A set of trellises were installed at the entrance of the Garden. These trellises were created by last semester’s edible peace patch volunteers from Eckerd College. The hand painted finish on the trellises adds a colorful touch to the Peace Patch entrance. One day soon, these structures will be draped with beautiful native Florida vines.
To prove that there is never a dull moment at the garden, this afternoon’s group discovered a snake in the boys’ bathroom! the snake was a non-poisonous black racer; however, the group was quite surprised and the snake was quickly escorted back outside. I guess you never know what kind of surprises a day at the garden has in store. With all that is going on in the garden on this fine Monday, I think we can look forward to a productive and exciting week ahead.

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