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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Third and Fourth Grade Finally in the Garden!

Hello all!

This past Friday on November 1st, 2013, Third and Fourth grade finally made it out the garden! This was the first time that the Friday early morning shift comprised of myself, Lilian and Kasey, taught students at Lakewood for the Fall 2013 season. We were all very excited to finally be working with students as we had looked forward to this day since the beginning of September. Most of the students, from both grades, had experience in the garden from years past. When the students first arrived in the garden I was worried about not being able to complete the entire curriculum for the season because we did not receive students till so late. Much to my surprise, the students had remembered a lot from past years! In the fourth grade group we covered everything up until pollinators which I was extremely impressed by. Hopefully next week we will have the students caught up with the curriculum. One of my favorite parts of the day was going around with the students and tasting the different types of lettuces and herbs. I had never tasted spicy mustard lettuce before, and OH MY, it was spicy!! My group of Fourth grade boys began to laugh when I teared up from the spiciness, but then soon understood my pain as they ate some of the lettuce. Next week I look forward to working with the students and trying new vegetables again, but hopefully not as spicy as the spicy mustard lettuce.

Peace and Carrots,

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