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Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Very Busy Friday!

Friday was a very busy day in the garden for the 3rd and 4th graders! We started off the day by planting radishes in one of the amended beds that had yet to be planted. The Lakewood garden had yet to have any radishes planted yet, and since radishes grow so quickly, we decided to plant some. In the next few weeks they will hopefully sprout and can be harvested before winter break. Next, we continued on with the bug hunt and pollinators lesson since we could incorporate the native plants into the lesson as well. We had a quick but vibrant talk about bugs and pollinators and then were off to explore the garden and hunt for bugs. I was stationed at the mulch pile and look for decomposers. In the mulch pile we found tons of rollie-pollies and cockroaches. At the end of the day, we wrapped up by watering all the plants and of course have a another spicy mustard lettuce contest. Once again, I lost. Maybe next week. I am excited for the next few weeks because all the vegetables are coming in quite healthy and its almost time to harvest!

Peace and Carrots,


Planting radishes 

Watering the garden 

                                                 Searching for pollinators on the bug hunt

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